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When coming to the clinic, a face mask must be worn at all times.


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Safe Outdoor Playtime During Coronavirus

With schools closed and the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us all at home, outdoor playtime for the kids has never felt more necessary. Spending time outdoors provides plenty of health benefits for children, including sun exposure for Vitamin D production, unstructured...

Sore vs Strep Throat

Your little one is clutching at their throat and having trouble swallowing. Is this a mild sore throat that will go away on its own, or a strep infection that needs antibiotics? Learn about red flag symptoms and when it’s time to take your child to the doctor....

Where To Take Your Sick Child For Care

Your toddler is running a fever and acting extra fussy… Do you rush to the emergency room, or simply set an appointment with the pediatrician for next week? How about a trip to the local urgent care center? Determining what level of care your little one needs is often...

Shop For Safer Toys This Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, stores will soon be stocking their shelves with eye-catching toys and rolling out deals to draw families from one store to another. Among all the hustle and bustle of pre-holiday rush, many parents will not have the time...

How to Manage Your Child’s Case of Pink Eye

As kids head back to school and communal settings, they face an increased risk of catching a contagious illness. Pink eye, in particular, spreads rapidly through classrooms and playgrounds. Learn what to do if infectious pink eye makes an appearance in your household....


863 W Oglethorpe Hwy
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