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Preventing Summer Asthma Flares in Kids

As temps rise and flowers bloom, many of us look forward to the beautiful weather and outdoor adventures of summer. However, if your child suffers from asthma, you may feel more apprehensive. Seasonal factors such as pollen, heat, and humidity can cause asthma flares. Sticking to treatment routines during unstructured time can be difficult as it is! Learn how to help your child avoid asthma triggers and enjoy a fun, healthy summer.

Managing Your Child’s Asthma This Summer

Consider the weather.

Extreme heat, thick humidity, and sudden drops in temperature (as seen during summer thunderstorms) can all trigger your child’s asthma. Be mindful of the weather when planning activities and trips, and choose to stay indoors when necessary. For outdoor playtime, aim for cooler mornings or evenings to lower risks.

Keep track of air quality and pollen counts.

Did you know that warm, sunny weather increases the risk of ozone formation, which leads to poor outdoor air quality? Ozone pollution affects children more than adults, as they breathe faster through still-developing lungs. If your child has asthma, it’s a good idea to check local air quality each day before heading out.

Flowers, grasses, and weeds release pollen throughout the summer months, causing an uptick in asthma symptoms and severity. Warm, windy days can be especially troublesome. Keep an eye on local pollen counts, and take measures to reduce your child’s exposure when the count is up. You can reduce allergens in the home by dusting and vacuuming, keeping windows shut, and having your child change clothes and shower after playing outside. You may also want to skip hang-drying clothing outdoors.

Be prepared.

When managing a child’s asthma, preparation is key. Summer asthma triggers range from pollen and campfire smoke, to a game of tag, swimming, and even laughing too hard. Always pack acute treatments such as their inhaler, and make sure caretakers (e.g. camp counselors, nannies, sports coaches) know what to do in case of an attack.

Remember, our urgent care center is here when your child needs care. We’re open nights and weekends to provide fast and affordable asthma treatment for your family.