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Summer First Aid for Kids

For kids, summer means popsicles, pools, playtime, and no school! But for parents, the season can be a bit trickier. From bumps and bruises to broken bones and bug bites, childhood injuries happen more frequently during these months of unbound exploration. Be prepared for the unexpected injury with our handy guide on summer first aid for kids. And remember, the team at PedsNow is here nights and weekends to provide expert pediatric care for your kiddos.

The Dos and Don’ts of Summer First Aid for Kids

Bee Stings

Did your child unknowingly wander too close to a wasp nest and get stung? Don’t squeeze the stinger out, as this can spread the venom. Do put some ice on it. Seek emergency care or use an epipen for severe reactions.


If your little one suffers a burn around the campfire or is bright red after a day at the beach, don’t put butter or a greasy ointment on it. Oil will actually slow the release of heat from the skin. Do put the affected area under cool water and try aloe vera for relief. Dealing with blisters or a larger burn? Our pediatric urgent care can help. For true emergencies, go straight to the ER.

Sprains and Fractures

When a basketball game leads to a twisted ankle, don’t assume it’s nothing. The only way to know for sure if it’s broken, is an X-ray. Do wrap the injury and apply ice to manage swelling. Then head to PedsNow for a streamlined X-ray evaluation and treatment experience.

Summer Rashes

Between poison ivy, poison oak, reactions to the sun, bug bites, or a cosmetic product, a child’s skin can flare in the summer. As soon as you realize they’ve been exposed to an irritant or develop a reaction, wash the affected area. Do try an oatmeal bath or hydrocortisone ointment for relief. Don’t let them scratch.

Bloody Nose

Whether your child was bopped in the nose by a ball or suffers a random nosebleed, here’s what to do. Don’t tip their head back, as that can lead to choking or cause blood to drain backwards into the stomach. Do have your child blow their nose, sit upright, and pinch nostrils shut with a tissue for 5-10 minutes. If bleeding continues, head to PedsNow for fast care.

We hope these first aid basics set you up for a safe summer! We’re here when you need care.