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Tips to Have a Safe Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the entire family! Dressing up as your favorite or most  creative character while also having an excuse to eat as much candy as you want should always count as a fun time. However, it is crucial to know how to stay safe while still having fun. In this article, we will give tips on how to have the safest Halloween possible. 


Costume Safety

Dressing up is always a fun part of Halloween for kids and adults alike. However, wearing masks, hoods, or other face coverings can pose a risk for trips, falls, and other accidents. And dark costumes pose a risk of others not seeing your child. Here are some ways to ensure your child can see and be seen.




Masks are good for hiding secret identities but also very good at decreasing sight. Before leaving your house for trick-or-treating, have your chld practice walking around a familiar environment (like your home) with your mask on. Things to be aware of: 

  • Are the eye openings big enough? Make sure your child is able to see clearly out of the eye openings.
  • Did your child trip on any stairs or run into any wall corners? Make sure they are comfortable with how the mask changes peripheral vision. Understand how it may change the child’s awareness of their surroundings. 


Being Visible To Others 

trick-or-treating may involve your family being out at night. Nighttime can reduce others’ visibility of you and your child and cause unfortunate accidents. If you plan to walk in streets or on the sidewalks of some busy neighborhoods you should consider the following for your safety. 

  • Make sure costumes are well-lit. Thiscould mean creatively placing reflective strips or wearing glow sticks as part of your outfit.
  • Try to include bright colors in your costume outfit.  Brighter colors increase your visibility.


Trick or Treating Safety

trick-or-treating is one time when we actively encourage our children not only to interact with strangers, but also to take candy from them. It can be fun, but we must remind our kids that we are interacting with people we do not know well. Here are a few things to remember that will keep your kids safe while having fun:


  1. Map A Route Before You Go Out! Plan with your child your neighborhood route so that everyone understands where they are going and when they should be back at the meeting point/home. Even if you are accompanying your child, this also helps keep everyone safe if someone should get lost or separated from your group. 
  2. Do Not Ride If You Don’t Know The Guide! Accepting car rides from strangers is always a concerning decision. This is not safe. Make sure your child know to stay with their buddy, group of friends, or family for the entire duration of your trick-or-treat route.
  3. Always Have Doubts About Entering A House! Tell your kids to stay on the neighbor’s doorstep or porch when trick-or-treating. Never accept an invitation into a home, whether it is a house or an apartment, without your permission. Instruct your child to politely reply that their parents do not allow them to go into strangers’ homes. If they continue to ask the child to come inside, simply leave and move to the next house with goodies.
  4. Check The Treat Before You Eat. Do not allow your child to eat candy that has been opened or homemade before you can inspect it. Sometimes homemade treats can have things you are allergic to or other harmful ingredients. 



Halloween is a fun holiday, and we want your family to stay safe while having fun. Follow these tips and you will be good to go! Happy Trick-or-Treating!